Liangshan State preferential policy for attracting investment

Article 1, all Chinese and foreign enterprises invested in our prefecture with a project introduction capital of at least 500,000 yuan and a management period of at least 10 years are eligible for the preferential policies of the state and Sichuan province, as well as the preferential policies listed in this article and the preferential policies of various industries of Liangshan prefecture.

Article 2, focus on encouraging investment

1. Comprehensive agricultural development and deep processing of agricultural and sideline products;

2. Exploitation and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources;

3. Water energy development and high energy consumption projects;

4. Tourism development;

5. Construction of transportation and municipal public infrastructure;

6. Pharmaceutical industry;

7. Environmental protection industry;

8. Development and utilization of high and new technologies;

9. Merger, leasing, joint venture and cooperation.

10. Culture, education, medical treatment, public health, sports and other social undertakings.

Article 3, in order to audit capital verification, asset assessment and year-end accounting statements of our prefecture investment enterprises, the fees charged by accounting firms or auditing firms shall be charged at the lower limit set. The environmental impact reports and fees issued by the prefectural and municipal environmental protection departments will be charged at the lower limit of the specified standards.

Article 4, the focus of the establishment of the above listed in article 2 encourage investment projects to our prefectural enterprises to obtain (the land use right transfer way, involving tax, cultivated land usage tax, surcharge of grain management fees, surcharges for highway construction, land, vegetable plantation construction fee) and land Jinzhou county income part of the 60% pay according to the standards prescribed by the state; Among them, the use of the right to the use of the stock land of enterprises and institutions, involving taxes and taxes and land transfer Jinzhou county and city income according to the national standards of 40%.
Units engaged in agricultural, forestry, municipal infrastructure construction, environmental protection, education, scientific research and public health undertakings that acquire the right to the use of land by means of administrative allocation need not pay site use fees during the operation period; Those who are engaged in other key investment projects listed in article 2 and whose operation period is more than 10 years shall not pay site use fees within 5 years starting from the business year; If the operation period is more than 5 years and less than 10 years, the site use fee shall not be paid within 3 years from the operation year.

Article 5, after the people's government of prefectural identified as high technology, high added value, strong capacity to earn foreign exchange through exports, the economy in stimulating large development projects, in terms of land and tax on implementation of "one project one discussion" special offer.

Article 6,start the second focus on encouraging investment in projects listed into our prefectural enterprises, do not need to pay the fixed assets investment adjustment tax and 10 years all don't need to pay real estate taxes, land use tax and vehicle license tax use.

Article 7, invest our prefectural listed in article 2 of the key projects encouraged enterprises both domestic and foreign, the enterprise income tax shall be given preferential treatment for reduction of "no two minus three". After the period of reduction and exemption, after the application of the enterprise, it will be returned by half from the beneficiary finance for 5 years.

Article 8, merger and acquisition our prefectural three years of continuous losses of enterprises, from the year of profit, five years after the first collection of enterprise income tax return. At the end of five years, the companies can halve the return for three more years.

Article 9, prefectural outside the scope of the investment our prefectural losses of enterprises, according to the relevant regulations of the People's Bank of China, the enterprise mergers and acquisitions to repay the loan interest of the enterprise merger and acquisition (M&A) to give support, subtract, slow.

Article 10, prefectural outside the scope of the investment in a poor area of prefectural we create a sole proprietorship, joint venture, they can apply for to use loans for poverty alleviation, the local people's government and preferential support and implement the agricultural bank loans.

Article 11, Chinese enterprises to invest in our prefectural, treat and charge standard according to the foreign capital enterprise shall be in accordance with the Understand card for foreign-invested enterprises in Sichuan province listed in the project and the standard minimum charge. Any item not listed in the Understand card shall not be subject to collection or rejection of relevant certificates and licenses for any reason that may affect the normal production and business activities of the enterprise.
After that Understand card content outside of new charging projects, shall go through prefectural price bureau, prefectural bureau, China merchants joint administration of prefectural and c prose.

Article 12, any referral prefectural outside investors to invest in our prefectural and success of organizations or individuals (in addition to the investment promotion department), after payment of taxes in the investment enterprise production, by confirmation from the finance and investment promotion department, by the benefited finance of introduced according to the actual investment of 1% gives a one-time award to audit supervision department at the same level for the record.

Article 13, apply for to enjoy preferential policies of prefectural foreign investment enterprises by the prefectural county (city) investment institutions on the basis of an accounting or auditing firm out according to the capital verification report and funding in place, to the tax, land and other departments at the same level to certify a rear can enjoy the preferential policies.

Article 14, special preferential policies for industries and industries shall be implemented according to the preferential policies for industries and industries.

Investment services

The main responsibilities of Huidong county investment promotion bureau

1、To carry out national, provincial, prefecture and county, the government, the opening to the outside world, investment promotion and capital introduction, guidelines and policies of regional economic cooperation and the relevant departments to study and put forward the county-wide opening to the outside world, investment promotion and capital introduction, and the rules of the regional economic cooperation, and formulate the county-wide opening to the outside world, investment promotion and capital introduction, medium and long term planning of regional economic cooperation, annual plan and organize their implementation.

2、Establish and improve the information network and project database of opening to the outside world, attracting investment and regional economic cooperation, and provide related consulting services. Investigate, collect and release information to communicate with grassroots and enterprises, build development cooperation platform, and provide decision-making basis for county party committee and county government for economic cooperation and investment attraction.

3、To organize and coordinate the county's work of opening to the outside world, investment attraction and regional economic cooperation; to organize and guide the compilation and promotion of major investment attraction projects; to be responsible for coordinating the implementation of investment attraction projects so as to strengthen the tracking and service of the introduced projects.

4、To be responsible for organizing groups of our county to participate in regional economic cooperation activities and major investment negotiation activities of investment attraction, to undertake the organization, liaison, negotiation and service work of investment attraction activities decided by the county party committee and the county government.

5、To be responsible for coordinating the construction of the investment environment of the county, and to study the major issues affecting the investment environment of the county with relevant functional departments, and put forward Suggestions on strengthening and improving the investment environment. Assist relevant departments to evaluate and supervise the investment environment of the whole county, carry out investigations on people and things that affect the investment environment, put forward Suggestions and track the results.

6、To be responsible for dealing with the complaints of foreign enterprises and merchants and investigating the infringement activities reported by foreign enterprises and merchants. Safeguard the legal rights and interests of foreign enterprises and merchants and assist relevant departments to solve the major problems reported by foreign investors.

7、Responsible for the county's investment information statistics report.

8、To be responsible for contacting and coordinating non-profit-making organizations established by non-county enterprises.

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