Huidong is a large county in Sichuan Province with rich mineral resources, which are mainly concentrated in Qianxin Town, Songping Town, Tangtang Town and Jiangzhou Town.

More than 50 kinds of mineral resources in the county have been discovered, among which are iron, manganese, titanium, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, mercury, gold, silver, platinum, niobium, tantalum, lanthanum, cerium, yttrium, germanium, gallium, cadmium, uranium, thorium, phosphorus, sulfur, arsenic, barite, graphite, gypsum, talc, refractory clay, brick clay, brick shale, dolomite, limestone, craft stone, calcite, building sand stone, and geothermal energy.

After exploration and evaluation, there are 116 deposits that has resource reserved, accounting for 34.7% of the county’s total number. Among them, there are 1 deposit with exploitable reserves, 8 deposits with basic reserves, other deposits are all identified and have potential reserves. 30 kinds of mineral resources have reserves, which include iron, copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver, niobium, tantalum, rutile, pyrite, barite and phosphorus, accounting for about 57% of the total discovered mineral resources.

There are 10 minerals that have been found with exploitation license, making up for 20% of all minerals that have been found; in the exploration stage, general investigation and pre-survey account for 92%, 8% for detailed investigation.

The basic reserves are mainly iron, lead and zinc, mostly in wells of Manyingou, iron mine in the Village of YANG, iron mine of Xiaojie and lead and zinc mine of Daliangzi. The reserved iron and zinc resources have been exploited. Now, the reserves of iron mines are only 65,158,400 tons which include 1,214,800 tons of reserves, 9,778,800 tons of basic reserves and 55,379,700 tons of resources;the reserves of lead mines are 296,382.65 tons which include 72,568.15 tons of basic reserves and 22,3814.5 tons of resources; the reserves of zinc mines are 138,2861.2 tons, of which 927,367.77 tons are basic reserves and 455,493.43 tons are resources; the reserves of copper mines are 79245.9 tons; the reserves of gold mines are 5,534 kilograms.

Huidong County has a long history of mining mineral resources. Now it ushers the prime time to exploit resources. Minerals that have been explored are iron, copper, lead, zinc, gold, phosphorus, Sulphur, building sand stone, limestone and clay. Besides, silver, germanium, gallium, cadmium and other resources are of integrated utilization. The production output value is 1.094 billion yuan. The mining recovery rate ranges from 80% to 95%. And the ore dressing recovery percentage ranges from 56.74% to 92%. Statistically, 3812 people are employed in this industry. The mining areas are mainly distributed in eastern Manyingou, Daqiao and Songping, followed by Faqing Township, Xinshan Township, Shenyuhe Town and Tieliu Township.

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