There are 8 main categories, 28 sub-categories, 61 basic types of touriam in Huidong County with 158 tourism resources. The core natural and folk tourism resources are mountain, water and folk custom. The mountain refers to Lunan Mount, southern extension part of Luoji Mount. Natural landscape like vast forest, stone forest, and sea of flowers complements artificial facilities such as wind power plant and photovoltaic power plant. The Jinsha River runs 153 kilometer, possessing a view of still lake over high gorges which is constructed by the Baihe Beach and Wudingde power plants and subtropical tourism resources. Splendid scenery along Chahe River and Sancha River, beautiful urban scenes and pleasant climate has formed unique natural ecological resources. Besides, costumes with Yi color, dance with color of Lisu nationality, feast on the day of Qingming Festival, herbal cuisine on the day of Dragon Boat Festival and historic Huidong site of the Red Army’s long march constitute Huidong’s tourism resources.
[Natural tourism resource]Huidong’s natural tourism resources include: Laojun Peak, Yezu Spring Holiday Resort, Minquan Lake, Matou Mount, Lunan Mount, Valley of Sancha River and Chahe River, Jiama Stone, Wudongde power plant, Jinsha River Valley, Shenyu River, Laojun Beach, Laojun Cave, Strange stone of Jinsha River and so on.
[Intangible cultural heritage] In Huidong, there are 12 programs about intangible cultural heritage, including: 4 provincial protection projects for intangible cultural heritage: costume art of Yi ethic people, Lisu dance, Jinjiang drum Music, Yi’s fermented oat wine, 5 state-level protection projects for cultural heritage: cross- stitch work, skills for preserved eggs, feast on the Qingming Festival, ancient skills for brown sugar in Jinsha area and manufacture skills for pan salt in Jinsha area, and 3 county- level protection projects for intangible cultural heritage: embroidery of Han people, manufacture skills for goat milk tofu with Yi’s color and Yi’s manufacture skills for woolen cloaks.
[Historical and cultural tourism resources] There are 72 non-movable cultural relics(54 ancient tombs, 14 ancient buildings, 2 ancient ruins, the Cave Temple and 2 stone carvings ) in Huidong County with 11 movable cultural relics(prefecture collections). Those historic sites include: inhabited site of ancient people in Dashanbao, Shenyuhe Town, the living site of ancient people in Liujiawan, Longjing in Laojie, historic site of Zhebao administrative city in Xinjie, the monument of virtue from the Qing dynasty, the access site from Dianshan to Szechwan in Dachong Town, salt well site in Wangjiaping, Laojuntan Township, the site of Red Army Ferry in Yuba Beach, the site of Red Army Ferry in Tieliu Town, ancient building of Qing in Jiangzhou Town, the bridge in camp of Gu, palace of YAN Emperor, the Catholic church,; In addition, Amida Temple in Xiaoba Township, Taian Bridge and other 13 sites are rated as county- level cultural relic protection site.
[Featured tourism goods] Unique geological features and natural ecological environment have endowed Huidong with distinctive tourism goods like Huidong truffle, pine nut, black goat, colorful potato, carangid fishes, Yezu oat wine, Gaji preserved eggs, Gaji hot pepper and silk quilt. Other products cover featured clothing of Yi, cross-stitch work of Han, insole and some handiwork. Huidong truffle and pine nut are protected by National Protection of Geographical Indications; the trademarks of Huidong black goat and Huidong colorful potato are certified by National Identification of Geographical Indications.

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