Harmonious society

The County Party Committee and County Government of Huidong give the construction of harmonious society priority among priorities, to guarantees that over 70% of gross expenditure is used in the improvement of people’s livelihood, the fruit of development is shared among all citizens more equally, and 420,000 people of all nationalities live and feel the great benefit of the construction of people’s livelihood and share the fruit of development together.

Government finance lays solid foundation for harmonious society. Huidong County uses over 80% of newly increased financial income in the livelihood project. Over the past three years, 223 million yuan has been invested in the construction of new countryside, which brings about great improvement of human settlement in the countryside; 1.0079 billion yuan has been invested in agriculture, forestry, water and graziery, which brings about better agricultural development ability and grain production capacity and lies foundation for the construction of a “prosperous, wealthy, harmonious and beautiful” new countryside; 402.52 million yuan has been invested in the construction of rural and urban transportation infrastructure, with the reconstruction of provincial roads, county and country roads, and urban road network as the key project, which improves the traffic conditions for people and promotes the capacity of passenger and logistic transportation; 49.62 million yuan has been invested in the construction of low-rent houses and public rental houses; 179.6 million yuan has been invested in the reconstruction of old city…

Education stores up talents for harmonious society. Huidong County always gives strategic priority to the development of education through full financial guarantee, comprehensive deployment and whole-process advancement, so that education could bloom vigorously. As of Autumn 2013, there are 34 nursery schools, 160 compulsory education schools, 3 integrated secondary schools (that provide junior and senior high school courses), 1 secondary vocational school and 1 teachers’ training school, accommodating 72,492 primary and secondary school students and nursery school students, 3,292 regular teaching and administrative stuff (working in primary and secondary schools and public institutions), 2,937 full-time primary and secondary school teachers, including 103 senior teachers and 850 intermediate teachers.

Culture adds luster to harmonious society. Huidong County sticks to the main line of “benefiting people through culture” to meet people’s increasing spiritual and cultural demands by strengthening the service construction for public cultural system, to allow people to share the cultural benefits of the reform and development. In 2013, the broadcast and television coverage rates are 89.5% and 92% respectively. The county has completed the construction of comprehensive cultural centers of 47 villages and townships, invested and constructed 117 countryside bookstores, which covers all 318 administrative villages of the county. Healthcare provides protection to harmonious society. There are 3 private hospitals, 47 healthcare centers in 47 villages and towns, 386 healthcare stations (or healthcare rooms) in 318 administrative villages in Huidong County. A hospital network with “county hospitals as head, township healthcare centers as body, village healthcare stations as support and private hospitals as complement” is basically finished. In 2013, there are 358,300 insureds in New Rural Co-operative Healthcare System, which means a participation rate up to 98.9%. Rule of law escort the development of harmonious society. Huidong County always highlights the rule of law, spares no effort to build “a county under the rule of law in Sichuan” and a safe county under the rule of law, in order to greatly enhance peoples’ sense of security and social security index. Looking into the future, we are full of pride and enthusiasm. Huidong County has created many wonders and legends in more than 60 years; two century objectives of struggle have molded the Chinese dreams of Huidong. 420,000 Huidong people are advancing development with every wisdom and strength under the “comprehensively deepen reform and opening up” policy, to successfully realize a moderately prosperous society two years in advance and make the Chinese dreams of Huidong come true!

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